our story

Our family adopted a new way of life since we opened our home to essential oils. It was about the time our second daughter was scooting about on the hardwood floors of our home that we realized we needed to be more safe with the cleaning products we were using. With a little bit of research and a whole lot of throwing out what we thought were “safe and organic” products, we turned to young living essential oils and have been forever grateful since.

We are the gatekeepers to what we bring into our homes, to how we’re teaching our children and others around us to live and care for the things we love. Essential oils, in a lot of ways, has brought us back to the roots of our ancestors, teaching us the good that comes from living with less and with more intention. What I love about using essential oils is not only their benefits but how easy they are to use and make part of your every day rhythm with little effort.

We decide which ones to invite into our daily flow as it relates to our physical, mental, and emotional well being. Whether it be to nurture our bodies after a hard workout or cleanse the air in which we breathe or wiping down our farmhouse table after dinner or brightening the whites in the laundry or bedtime ritual with the littles, we have blends and bottles ready for use at any given time we need them.

In a lot of ways, essential oils have changed my life and family’s. We’ve had less trips to the doctor, less skin irritation and sensitivities, better sleeping patterns, greater balance emotionally and hormonally, managing behaviors and dysregulation with better intention and connection, improved digestive health, and mental wellbeing.

Tane, which means SEED in Japanese, Essentials is about planting the seeds for greater health and wellness for today, tomorrow and beyond so you can enjoy living life’s moments.

To live a life less out of habit and more with intention and care, creates a reality that can be empowering, invigorating and so incredibly beautiful.